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Container Lid Solutions Using Stretch And Fresh

As the name suggests, Stretch and Fresh is a container lid that helps the food remain fresh for a long time. The container lid material keeps the food supplies edible for a very long time. It is time to use Stretch and Fresh container wrap. Aluminum foils and cling wraps have their own limitations. They [...]

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How To Protect Your Food Using Stretch And Fresh

How do you preserve the food items at home? You might have some containers that you use for storing food items. But, is the food secured well? You may be depending on aluminum foils or wraps for covering the containers. Even though you close them with lids, they might not fit to the container in [...]

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Store Your Food In The Best Way

The number of deaths being reported in the US due to food poisoning is alarming. As a matter of fact, it is a serious issue and is estimated to have claimed the lives of almost 70 to 80 million people approximately. However, the blame cannot be placed completely on hotels, restaurants and their staff. Non [...]

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Ideal Container For Long Term Food Storage

Food poisoning is one of the leading causes of deaths and hospitalizations in the US. It has claimed a staggering number of people, at around 70 to 80 million. People would imagine the causes and may attribute most of the blame to restaurants and staff. However, the interesting thing here is that only 20 percent [...]

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The Use Of Stretch And Fresh In Your Kitchen

We want our kitchen to be neat and clean. The food when preserved well stays healthy. There are people who purchase food items in bulk. They might purchase the food items once in a month in order to get huge discounts. However, when food items are purchased in bulk, we need to have a clear [...]

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Stretch And Fresh – An Effective Means To Preserve Food Naturally

People spent a considerable amount of time trying to invent an effective means to preserve food. Although freezing food items and keeping them in comparatively lower temperature is a good way to preserve it, it is not a natural process and thus the foodstuffs are sure to lose their natural qualities such as flavour and [...]

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A Wrap That Stretches To Your Needs

Do not get bothered wondering how to store food products. A unique wrapper made with silica material is going to help you meet your storage needs. It is none other than Stretch and Fresh. You do not need any foils, cling films or airtight containers! You can preserve your foods for a very long time [...]

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Key Features Of Stretch And Fresh

Sally had spent hours cleaning her son’s schoolbag. The lunch that she had packed for him the previous day had spilt inside his schoolbag. She had a tough time cleaning up the bag. She promptly went around searching for a product that is guaranteed to prevent food from spilling. Lady Luck went her way and [...]

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Ideal Containers For Long Term Food Storage

Innumerable cases of deaths and hospitalizations are being reported in the US, caused due to food poisoning. Food poisoning has claimed the lives of around 70 to 80 million people. Restaurants and staff can be blamed only in around 20 per cent of the cases reported. Poor handling and storage of food in homes happens [...]

Know About Some Methods Of Food Storage

Different methods of food storage have been used for years. The first methods used involved drying and curing. Then came canning and nowadays freezing is used. Since time immemorial, people have been packing and saving food items for storage. The nature of the item to be stored as well as the duration of storage is [...]